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Zoya Aurora Swatch

Hello everyone! I opened my computer about a month ago, and saw something On PlasmaSpeedos page, 3 Zoya polishes for free! Immediately I broke out my plastic to purchase my polishes. I got Aurora, Blaze, and Storm. I did have to wait a bit longer than usual due to a high demand for these, as they were the most recent collection (the Zoya Ornate 2012 collection). I decided to take a break from designing nail art, to just swatch some gorgeous nail polishes!

Zoya nail polish aurora swatch
Aurora: This is one of my top five favorite polishes that I own, and I am not sure which of those five. I love the way this polish looks, the holo and colors just mesh in perfect harmony. This purple color had so much dimension and looks so decadent on nails, and truly is ornate like the collection name says.

This polish applies beautifully, and I got full coverage in two coats, which is great, because most polishes of this type take one more coat to reach full 100% opacity.
Zoya aurora swatch nails
I did not want to take this polish of when I put it on. I kept staring at it through the day, lemming over the holo goodness.
This polish, I would say, has the most vibrant holo compared to the other two, Storm and Blaze.
I love the way these swatches look, And I think the color looks even more gorgeous irl (in real life).
I took a blurry shot so you can see how vibrant the holo/glitter is. All in all I would recommend this polish to anyone who has not tried a Zoya polish, and will probably be buying some back ups of this color when I run out!

- I have an obsession with Bath & Body Works products.
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