Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Spun Sugar Nails

Nail art for you all! I did this as a request from my sister. She said to do something with martinis so I thought of ways I could do this and decided to try the spun sugar method. This was my first time doing this texture/style of nails but I will definitely try it again soon, and maybe I can do a tutorial on it too.

I started this mani off with an ombre base of For Audrey and Happy-Go-Lucky, both by China Glaze. I used a makeup sponge and dabbed on three coats of the two polishes, reapplying polish to the sponge every coat. 
A close up of the spun sugar goodness! I used French White Tip by NYC. I put two drops of the polish on a mirror, which is my makeshift polish pallette, I then blew on the polish while stirring it with a very fine dotting tool. Once the polish Was about 80% dry I created strings by pulling the dotting tool away with a bit of polish on it. I the draped those strands of mostly dry polish onto my nail. This methods is not too difficult but may take a bit to get used to, since you have to wait for the polish to dry and the draping can get tedious. 

The drink did not come out as good as I had planned. I think I should have done a little more for the martini, so it would be a little more neat and noticable. I used a small nail art brush to draw the drink on my nails, and of course, you don't have to worry, this beverage is virgin because I am under 21!

The pinky is a bit blurred out in this photo, but that was the first nail I started on. I started on the pinky to be safe, just in case I messed up, and I did! in the photo following you will see that the polish strands are much thicker and not spread across the whole nail. I got the hang of it as I went through each nail though.

This design is a bit more tedious due to the ombre and waiting for the polish to dry for the spun sugar, but it is worth the wait for such a beautiful effect! 

- Drink plenty of water every day!
     Hector c:

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