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Happy New Year!! Shiny Disco ball Nail Art

I know I have been a bit off and what not..Just wanna assure you I am very much here and this blog still means a lot to me.
A couple of things have made my life a bit busy..and the tragedy is when I had the time after I came back from a small break in end of december one of my vanity cabinets' lock got stuck. this one contains most of my polishes :-/ so now I am mostly polish-less exception of few stray bottles.

Coming back! this mani is the last one I had before the cabinet got locked.

I received this pack of glitter from Born Pretty Store for review. After seeing the glequins manis put up by Nailasaurus I couldnt resist having a shiny disco ball mani :D

This pack of 12 Born pretty glitter pot is for $6.45 : you can see it here: link
The pot size is almost like those of the body shop lip balms and is packed with glitters. Make sure you close the windows and fan before you open this or you are bound to get it over you if u r even a teeny bit sloppy. 
The colours are gorgeous and I so wanted to use all in a day. Sequins are almost 2mm in length and in hex shape. helps cover your nails quickly.
This code will get you a 10% discount from BP store: KJ5X31 

Base: Catrice : Genie in a Bottle
Lovely dull gold to green duochrome given to me by my Blogger pal the lovely Caroline from GoodLackNail. She got a huge stash by the way of utterly gorgeous shades which I have a hard hard time finding..incl 2 HTF HOLOS!! :D Thanks again Caroline!!!

After the base I proceeded to turn the accent into a shiny disco ball. It was pretty easy.
Take a toothpick dip the tip into fevicol or similar PVA glue. Light touch a glequin with the tip and place on your nail. Took me 8 mins to do the whole nail. 

Hope u liked this. And Wish you all very happy new year! (yes....soo belated)
Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway as soon as I crack the lock on the cabinet.

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