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January Nail Polish Haul!

So, I did kind of go overboard with the polish, but of course there are still colors that I "need." I recently started visiting my local Sally's beauty Supply, and I found that there were a lot of good discounts on polish to at I assume was not selling well, or out of season. colors would generally be reduced by 60-80% which is a great discount. I do not spend full price on polish, there are always sales going on and most of the time discounts are reasonably good. With all this mumbo-jumbo being said here is what I got!

Only 11 bottles total! I got the polishes from 99 cents only, Sally's Beauty Supply, and Cut & Blow.
I paid a grand total of $34 for all of this, the breakdown on prices, color, and brand is below...

 This came in my package from Cut & Blow, it was some free samples of a Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel by Dr. Dennis Gross. I am not to fond of using a face mask daily, but I am sure these will be gentle if they are for daily use. I have yet to try them, but maybe I will do a review on them and see how they work.

At Sally's Beauty supply I looked for the bin of clearance items and I found this gorgeous color, Angel Eyes by Orly. I love this polish, it is super fine blue glitter accompanied with bigger, fine, pale, blue pink and yellow glitters. This polish would have retailed for $6.99 so I did get a pretty good deal for it. I love Orly and I know this will probably be one of my all-time favorites, and part of my holy grail nail products.

 Next, I went to the back of Sally's and found another clearance rack, and I saw the Wicked Halloween Quad by China Glaze that I was lemming over during october, but being my cheap self I decided not to buy it. I am so glad I bought this because it has gorgeous colors and I am lemming over Glitter Goblin, as most bloggers I have seen. I paid $6.99 for these four polishes, which is insanely good for China Glaze.

 Here are the bottles from the bottom, Rougish Red and Glitter Goblin.
 Here you can see the colors of Bizarre Blurple, since the other bottle shot later in this post was horrible. Ghoulish Glow is a clear, glow in the dark top coat that does add a bit of cloudiness when layered over a polish.
 Ghoulish Glow. This is so perfect because you can just layer it over anything to make it glow in the dark, though it can add some cloudiness to a polish when dry.
Bizarre Blurple: I told you! this bottle shot does not do this polish justice, it is a bit bizarre for my taste though I do like the color.
 Glitter Goblin: So gorgeous. I couldn't tell what glitter colors were in this polish at first, but I realized that it is fine orange glitters with the same fine size holographic glitters. The purple and green that come off of the holo Glitters is perfect with the orange glitters!
 Rougish Red: I finally have a creme orange! until now I had just shimmery oranges, but I longed for a creme and here it is! I would say this is a more reddish orange, but I would say it passes, swatches online look more red, but mine seems to look more orange even after I shook it. 
 Chunky Holo fuchsia: This is so gorgeous! I got this at my 99 cents store, and you guessed it. I got this, and the Gunky Holo Teal by Klean Color, for 99 cents! I have  yet to try this on but I am so eager to because holographic polishes are so gorgeous.
 Chunky Holo Teal: This photo does not show the holo, I would say it still, even in real life, is not as vibrant as the Chunky holo Fuchsia, but it is a pretty good holo.
Pros & Bronze: This polish came in a set with Love is A Racket and I got these two, and Rally Pretty Pink, and Spark De Tripomphe for $4.40 each and $5 shipping (total $21) on Cut & Blow, They have big names and great products for awesome discounts, and y'all know I don't like to spend full price on a bottle of polish. They currently have the OPI Germany collection for 5.50 a pop so go check them out! I dare you to not buy the whole collection!
This color is more orange and pink toned and overall more bronze irl (in real life). This is a shimmer that is a bit frosty when compared to a regular shimmer. I love the color changes that come with this polish, from copper, to purple, to pink to orange! 

 Spark De Triomphe: this is the most gorgeous silver glitter in the world! It has fine glitters and larger glitters! this polish is perfect for every outfit and as you know the shorter your nails are the better smaller grains of glitter look on your nails, and vice versa, respectively. 

Rally Pretty Pink: this is such a gorgeous shimmer, it is almost a duochrome and flashes between purple, gold and bronze. this one has a lot more gold and purple to it than Pros & Bronze, but I would consider them sisters.
Love is a Racket: This reddish pink is perfect for those of us who want that red with a twist of a pinker shade and a dose of shimmer, not screaming shimmer, but a bit more subtle shimmer that is wearable on everyone. And that's all folks! I have many more exciting nail posts coming up soon! Comment below if you have a nail request!

Eat your vegetables!
   Hector c:

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