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L'oreal Color Rich Le Nail Art Stickers: Review

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Long time no see. I finally managed to open the locked polish cabinet and as luck would have had it, my internet service was conked off for a few days. Life is seriously difficult without internet!!

Today I have on review, L'oreal Paris' Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers.
L'oreal has recently released these 3-D nail art stickers here in India. 
Here's a small snipet from their PR on these: 
"Need a manicure but don’t have time to wait for the polish to dry? Get ready to get FashioNAILable with L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers.

Inspired from luxury fabrics, these stickers are easy to use and can stay on for upto10 days.  We have three timeless collections that create ultimate nail wardrobe ranges:

Couture- Nail stickers that are inspired from the latest catwalk trends

L’Or- The timeless black and gold nail art stickers can add a vintage feel to your look

Diamantisse - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! These stickers aren’t just stickers, they are nail diamonds!

What makes these nail stickers so unique?

The Nail Stickers are easy to apply. You just have to select a sticker that fits your nail, apply the sticker on your nail, fold the remaining over your nail tip and file off the remaining.

What makes these stickers different from the others?

1.       Zero Application Mistakes: Since the stickers are easy to apply, chances of any mistake is nil

2.       Zero Dry Time: Since these are stickers, you do not have to wait for it to dry! It saves you of all the misery of waiting for your nail colour to dry. Isn’t that a blessing?

3.       Doesn’t require a nail colour remover: When you feel like changing your sticker, all you have to do is, peel it off. It’s that simple!

4.       Zero Nail Damage: Worried if these stickers will damage your nails? Here’s the good news. The stickers are safe to use and will not damage your nails.

  The nail stickers not only glam up your look but also give your personality a whole new definition. Truly, nails are your style canvas! It’s time to get FashioNAILable, instantly!

Give your nails a luxurious makeover. Treat them with sophistication with Le Nail Art Stickers. Match your mood and your outfit with these fun nail stickers. All it takes is few minutes of your time."

I loved the black and gold ones the most. These stickers are textured, hence the 3-D claim. Designs are nice and very wearable. you can check other designs here: Loreal's facebook Page

 These Stickers cost: Rs 299/- for a single pack for 18 stickers. Adjusting for various sizes and fits of a person's nails, you'd get one wear out of these. They are sturdy material and wont tear when you remove or apply them.
However I find the pricing a bit steep for one manicure. But yeah considering if you are someone who goes to nail spa's for ur manis, this is a cheaper option.
I have a small pic demo if you are keen to try them: coz I found it a bit tricky to apply them cleanly.

1) remove the sticker from the package. Peel by holding the end of the sticker that will go on your tips. So incase you get a crease or fold, that end is extra long and will be cut off.

2) First place the tip of the sticker carefully over the base of your nails, aligning the sides in a straight line. See pic below. 

 3) now as shown press the sticker in sequence as shown, slightly tugging at the sides/ends to make sure there are no creases and folds in the centre and sides.

4) You can cut off the excess with a scissor or file it down as shown on the package. just be gentle when filing and do it in one direction from top to down. and you're DONE!! 
I managed to place most stickers nicely except the pointer finger which got a bit creased at the tip and side.

Overall they r a bit pricey and tricky to apply. While id o like the textured feel, they didnt last me long. One shower and I had the ends starting to loosen up. I'd recommend these if you dont have the time to do a fancy mani and are really keen to spice up your nails for an evening.

Till I see you next! xx

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