Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

Zoya Blaze Swatch

Here's the second polish from the Zoya 3 free in 2013 sale that ran in January. The sale consisted of three polishes that are free of almost any collection, except the upcoming pixie dust polishes. I chose the three holo polishes from the Ornate colection, Aurora, Blaze, and Storm. I decided to make thsese my first swatches, since I have never done swatches. I tried to get a couple of different angles, but and a couple of sunlighted photos. Here you go!

This color is a beautiful red, the photos do not show how vibrant this polish is in real life The holo is just so dimensional and well, juicy!

the application of this polish is pretty good, I would say it is not streaky and applies very smoothly.

This is the first photo in the sunset, you can see a bit more of the vibrant holo, this holo is not like your conventional holos, its a little different, but matches this color and gives it a unparalleled richness.

 This red could be anyones red because it is so gorgeous and has shimmer, but its a flattering shimmer, not over the top chunky glitter.
Here's the last sunlight photo, this one came out a bit funky but looks nice, the red is slightly too saturated in the photo compared to real life.

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     Hector c:

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