Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

Zoya Storm Swatch

And here is the third polish from the zoya 3 free in 3013 sale. I would say this is one of may all time favorites, this polish is just gorgeous! I do not like star blacks, nor crazy shimmers, but this meshes those to into a perfect concoction and I love it! Excuse my cuticles, as I was not up for tending to them this week :/

zoya storm swatch grilled nails grillednails hector alfaro grilled sandwich
This was my favorite photo from this shoot, I love the way my nails look, and the bottle looks so scrumptious! 

this polish applied well, with that said, I got full 100% opacity with two coats, which is alwyas a plus because who has time to paint their nails all day?... though I totally would if I had the chance!

I decided to do a bottle shot of this beauty because it just felt right. This captures the contrast pretty well, but there is always a bit more gorgeousness when polishes are in the bottle.

I would say the staying power of this polish is really good, and the polish did not stain my nails or cuticle area when time came to remove it.

This is my last swatch for the week, because I want to get back to doing nail art, that is what i am obsessed with now, but I will keep throwing swatches and other interesting posts to add some versatility!

zoya storm swatch nails grillednails grilled nails hector alfaro grilledsandwich grilled sandwich
Last one, I know some people hate the stark black on nails sometime, but this is far from that, far more sophisticated. Some describe this as snow during the night time, though being from Texas I have only seen snow a couple of times, so I could not describe it as that.

- Hair is 20% weaker when wet, therefore more prone to breakage. wait to brush it after its at the most 70% wet.

     Hector c:

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