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DCI 2013: Crossmen "Protest" Nails!

Yes, DCI, or Drum Corps International. Alright, for those of you who don't know what DCI is, a very watered down definition would be professional marching band, but that definition makes us who know of DCI a little mad, because it is far from that. When in doubt, google it!

 I am starting a series of nail looks based on the 2013 shows of  the top 12 world finalist corps from 2012, with first being last. I love drum corps, the work ethic, the impeccable shows put on by these talented performers. I have not yet tried for a corps, but I still have a few years, and when I do, I would be on the color guard. I am also doing a nail series for WGI, Winter Guard International, after the DCI series. I started here with crossmen, albeit, I only have the trailer to go off of so I did try to represent the show while still showing some of the most recognizable parts of the corps. Let me know what you think, so the next looks will turn out well!

Bones about it. I bought this Crossmen lanyard when I attended the 2012 tour that stopped in San Antonio, and I decided to include it in this photo since this is one of the few pieces of merch I have related to DCI.

 I started this look with a base of Orly's Decades of Dysfunction, followed by a white sponging of French White Tip by NYC. Then, I used Black on Black by Sinful Colors, and Salsa by China Glaze for the red. I did the entire look freehand, no tapes, stencils, though I did use a makeup sponge to dab on the white.
 I think I should have used a different base color to add a more dramatic effect to this look, you can barely distinguish between the white and the Decades of Dysfunction underneath.
 I am glad that the cursive "Crossmen" came out, as this was my first time writing in cursive with polish, not to bad.
I plan on auditioning for Crossmen, maybe, but based on my skill set with guard, it is going to be a bit of a while. 

- Try using 100% acetone, it takes off polish a bit easier, but can be drying to some.

     Hector c:

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