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NailartFeb 2013- Hearts

I decided to do this challenge after coming across the challenge photo on Instagram. I like that this one is not a 31 day challenge, because those can be difficult to accomplish. I downloaded the wallpaper photo to show everyone which days correspond to what design and when they were. I have been crammed with tests and homework because I am taking 20 hours at school, but I am working on new designs everyday! Here is the first day of the challenge: Hearts!

nailartfeb february nail art manicure nails heart hearts dots pop art hector alfaro grillednails grilled nails
 this was the sunlight photo I took. I rarely take photos of my nails in the sunlight unless the design has a varnish that would stand out in sunlight. the purple dots were not washed out thankfully, and the design is super vibrant in the sun!
I started this design looking to mix in the pop art makeup turotials and nail tutorials on YouTube. I started with french White Tip by NYC, then Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen for the dottes portions of the nails, Then followed with rich & Famous by China Glaze, and finished with Salsa by China Glaze for the hearts. 

grillednails nail art february hearts nails pop art manicure short nails cute
I used a medium sized dotting tool for the dots and a small nail art brush for the hearts and the purple explosion marks. 

This design is pretty easy, I decided to add the dots after the pink explosion marks because I could place them without messing with the hearts. This nail look also proves to look good on short nails too!

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you can use a colored eyeliner to make any color mascara you want!
     - Hector c:

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