Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

NailartMarch 2013 Chevron

This is the march challenge from Jasmine of Californails, and I decided to do this after completing her February challenge. The first day is chevron nails!

I started with a base of Happy Go Lucky by China Glaze, and followed with Da Bush by Essie, and I used Milani FX in Silver and took the glitters for the glitter border on the ring finger. 

grilled nails sandwich hector alfaro green yellow chevron manicure glitter
I used a small nail art brush to place the glitters one by one, making sure they were in line. This was my second time doing a glitter placement of any kind and the right side of the ring finger came out a but splotchy, but is not too bad.

 The chevrons I did with a nail art brush, though it was difficult to sharpen the tips of the chevrons without messing up, but I will do another one of these soon, and maybe I'l get somewhat better at it!

I think this was a good start to this challenge and I am excited to get everything else done too!

Remove oils on the nail plate before a mani with nail polish remover, and using a base coat will lengthen the time of your manicure!

-- Hector c:

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