Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

NailartFeb Challenge- Candy

What an awesome challenge! Candy! In High school, my junior year, all I ate was asome form of chips and candy every day for lunch. I don't dare do that now, but I had fun eating crazy amounts of sugar. Here is the skittle mani!

grillednails grilled nails hector alfaro skittles nailartfeb february 2013 candy rainbow nail art China Glaze
 I wish I would just eat these! I started with the four bases of Grape Pop, Rougish Red, Happy Go Lucky, and Salsa all by China Glaze. Then, for the S's I used a small nail art brush to draw the S's with NYC French White Tip, which is probably the worst letter I can paint currently!

Cut down on soda and other sugary drinks like sweet teas, and energy drinks to trim your waist.

     - Hector c:

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