Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

NailartFeb 2013- Ombre

I tried my best to not do the regular makeup sponge ombre here, because I think that can get overdone, as well as the stripe ombre that is making waves across instagram.

 For this look I started with two coats of French White Tip by NYC, and used First Mate, Flyin' High, and For Audrey. for the spatter method I taped off the light blue section from the rest of the nail and used a coffee straw to deposit a splat of color. Each nai ltook about 2-3 tries to get good coverage. I then removed the tape and used the next two colors without separating them, and for some reason, it worked!

grillednails grilled nails nail art hector alfaro ombre splatter coffee stirrer China Glaze challenge californails february 2013

I think this is a awesome way to ombre, though some might sat it is messy, but I would call it artsy? maybe?

There are more germs on your keyboard and moused that you might believe.

     - Hector c:

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