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Liebster Award!

I got a Liebster award! Its from Kayla at lalalacquer. This award is for blogs that are under the 200 follower mark, and you have to award 11 blogs, though I am having trouble finding blogs to award!

The rules are as follows:

1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3. Ask 11 questions to the people you are nominating
4. Find 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, and nominate them.

11 facts about me:

1. I hoard Bath & Bady Works products, though It is relatively under control now... I think! 

2. I am a Biology major, and a freshman in college.

3. I am obsessed with Jesus, Pringles, bread, oreos, and peanut butter

4. I play the Saxophone and Flute

5. I have a magazine, and drum corps obsession

6. I have two sisters, one older, and one younger, each by two years, and all our birthdays are in August

7. I am a bad addict to shows like Parks & Recreation and The Real Housewives. 

9. I love doing hair, and I have blue hair currently.

10. I am 5'11 and almost 6 foot. 

11. I love Beluga whales, and I was kissed by one at SeaWorld c:

11 Questions for me:

1. Have you ever had artificial nails? 
Nope, I haven't, But I kind of want to try them at least once. 

2. How often do you get a bad nail break?
I rarely get breaks, my nails are pretty strong and resilient, but I have only experienced one really bad one, where the entire nail edge came off (the white part) and they were really long at that time. 

3. What polish(es) started your obsession? 
I had always worn clear coat from time to time, but I got a neon yellow polish from hot topic and a blue one coat glitter from Milani and that was where everything began.

4. What is your favorite holiday?
 probably christmas, because of the scents and homliness of the season. I can also put some pins from Pinterest to good use!

5. What are some of your favorite blogs?
The Nailasaurus, Packapunchpolish, The Polished Perfectionist, and there are tons more I keep my eyes on!

6. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of nail polish/art?
Leaning how to dance, color guard, cooking, reading.

7. What are your favorite base and top coats?
 I like Beauty Secrets Base Coat, though I do not use base coat as much as I should! I also love Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in 110 Flawless.

8. Do you like the smell of nail polish?
 I like the smell of polish, I am so used to the smell, I sometimes don't even smell it!

9. Are there any brands you wish were more available where you live?
Not now, since I can order everything online for a great discount, depending on which site you go to. 

10. Where do you buy most of your polish?
Online, since that is where great sales are, I like NastyNails, Transdesign, 8ty8 Beauty, Cut & Blow. I'm constantly looking for more!

11. What do you friends and family think of your polish obsession?
My family is hesitant, with me being male, and my family being conservative Texans, but I think the more work I show them, the more they'll know I really take my polish seriously! My friends love my nail art, and ask me to do designs for them constantly. 

11 Questions:

1. How many polishes do you have? 
2. What is your favorite polish brands and why?
3. What do you think about nail art designs? When is a look too much?
4. Do you plan on doing more nail art, or swatches?
5. What are your top 5 favorite polishes?
6. Has anyone ever said you have too many polishes, or change your polish too often?
7. What look would you like to see more often outside of the blogworld?
8. What kinds of polishes are your favorite? Finish? Color?
9. Do you have any stories about having someone do something for you while your polish was drying, or something you are proud you did while your nails were wet?
10. What celebrity would you love to do nails for and talk with?
11. What do you think about the nail scandal with Kelly Osbourne's &250000 Azature black diamond manicure, in 2012?

I am looking for more people to nominate, but I only found a few!

I nominate:

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