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Nail Whitening Attempt

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Here are what my nails look like once the polish is dissolved by a cotton call saturated in acetone. I have pretty bad yellowing, though I do find myself wearing my designs throughout the week. I rarely use a base coat because I tell myself that I will save it for when I do others' nails. I probably will start using a base coat when I know I am going to wear a polish longer than the usual 45 min. I usually do not wear the polish for longer than that if I want to get a couple of designs done in one day. This was my first time whitening my nails though I plan on trying different methods over the next few months so I can find out which of the recipes are actually effective for me.
I used Colgate Total plus whitening. This is my first time using tootpaste or anything for that matter to whiten my nails and this is what I've been using in the morning so I decided to just use a bit for my nails.

Here they are in all of their naked-ness! The left hand is pretty yellow while the right is relatively un-yellowed. Again I wear polish on my right hand pretty rarely, since I don't have time to do intricate designs on both hands every time I try a new design. I think this will stay that way for the most part because I tend to like the designing aspect of nails art instead of the whole look for myself, if that makes any sense at all!

Here is my right hand. I am aware my cuticles are horrible on this hand and that I have not shaped these since I have cut them. Again they have been rarely painted and usually do not go longer than three days with polish on.

Here is the bad hand, my over polished, ever yellow right hand. I recently cut them due a major break in my ring finger nail that had progressed from a small split to a complete break.

I dabbed a generous amount of toothpaste to completely cover the nails of my left hand and help take off some of the yellowing. I left on the paste for about 10-15 minutes, letting the paste dry a bit. 

The Results: I made a scale with 1 being no effect to 5 being a drastic change in color. I would rate this as a 2, since the treated hand only got about a shade lighter, not much of an improvement.
Another results and comparison of the untouched nails and the treated nails. The lightening was minimal. I would probably not recommend this toothpaste for treating nails yellowed by nail polish. Maybe it was the toothpaste or the method I used, I will definitley look into doing more treatments and testing their effectiveness soon! check back in a few weeks to see what results I get.

100% acetone removes polish with the best of ease, but leave skin noticeably more dry after removal.

     - Hector c:

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