Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Neon Splash

Some days no matter how hard you try..painting nails and making a blog post is just not on the cards.
The other day I painted my nails a lovely purple and thot I'd try my hand at a stamping mani next day once my lil bub goes for an afternoon nap. But the mani had other plans...to ruin itself. by night the thumb was scratched..next morning the pointer went down and by noon the ring  finger nail got scraped too! 
So instead of doing a mani I got bugged and removed the whole thing and stubborn as I am I will put the same shade again and turn it pretty.

Till that happens enjoy this splash of neon bug that has got to me.
All I see is neon everywhere so much that its now starting to put me off! Every shop, indian/western, tv channels all have people sporting neon. So I just had to do a mani and get it out of my system. haha.

Colorbar: Pina Colada (see swatch here)
Miss Claire Bright pink
Base: L'oreal Macaron Noisette (see swatch here)
Topped with SV

You still got the neon craze?

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