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DCI 2013: Madison Scouts 2013 Corps of Brothers

I admire the Madison Scouts for basing their show on the life of a soldier, Marcus Luttrell, and his book Lone Survivor. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Scouts, a feat for any corps. I am excited for this show because I have not seen anything like this, and I am excited to see how the show will carry these concepts.
I started there nails stressing over the logo, because it is a pretty detailed and complicated logo artistically. These nails turned out better as I am getting back into designing more nail art projects. I got through the challenge, and the logo came out well, to my surprise. Here they are!
grillednails grilled nails hector alfaro n san antonio madison scouts 2013 nail art design dci drum corps international green manicure mani
 I started with Essie's Da Bush, as well as Exotic Encounters and Kalahari Kiss by China Glaze. I Also used Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! by OPI and French White Tip and Black Lace Creme by NYC.
grillednails grilled nails dci drum corps international 2013 color guard percussion brass green essie china glaze opi
 I used a small nail art brush to do this design, though I did cut the brush a bit to make it thinner.

 Tip: you can mix white and black polishes with lighter and darker colors to get a custom color! Just be careful!

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