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My First Franken Polish: Jelly Green Monster!!

Now if you are wondering what Franken Polish is..It means creating your own polish by mixing existing polish, glitters and pigments. Like creating your own Frankenstein monster..Hence the name Franken Polish.

Now some ladies have got very enterprising with this concept and have started their own polish shops. These are known as indie polish makers. This concept is not so popular in India here..but is quite a rage in US and Europe. You must see some of their creations to figure why they are so much in demand and always sought after... yeah go google....Hey.. atleast finish reading my post!!

I was getting very saddened by the fact that these indie/frankens polishes were not available easy here so I decided to make my own. And Presenting....Kejal's Jelly Green Monster!!

Whats a Jelly you ask? Jelly polishes are polishes like creme..but much more shinier and glistening.
I emptied and cleaned out an old polish mini bottle. Half filled it with clear polish or a regular top coat.
Added a few drops of Lakme's Going Green and one drop of black polish.
Added a couple of brush fulls of Jordana's Cosmic Glitter polish.
Lastly I had one of these unbranded bottles of glitter polish..you know the cheap ones available at your local stationery/cosmetic stores around the corner. This one had large chunky and medium hex light gold glitter (See here). Add a couple of brush fulls of that.
And shake/dance.

This was much more glistening in real. So much that I had a little trouble picking pics where it didnt reflect the sky and clouds. If you look closely you can see small green and blue glitter of Jordana Cosmic.
Now if you wanna start making your own frankens you need non-bleeding glitter. i.e glitter that wont loose its colour in polish. and if possible a suspension base that will help the glitter stay afloat in the polish else it will sink like mine did and you'll find yourself dancing around with the polish bottle in your hand :D

I loved making this franken and have already got hold of a few bottles of polish just to empty them out to make my own frankens. Very addictive I say. Have you made your own??

Will next show you a beautiful indie polish to show you how much in love I am with these polishes!
Wait for it!

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